Heavyweight Champ


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"Drug laden cynical tales of hedonism & promiscuous women soaked in the cheapest, warmest whiskey the seediest dive bars on the wrong side of town serve on a weekend night. With a back drop set to melodic, twinkly and at times math-esque rock and roll, these are the triumphs and struggles of the Heavyweight Champ "

This is dedicated to all the tours that took us to all the cities and introduced us to all the good folks in my life both near and far. I appreciate you and need you more than you know. HWC is for you and I hope when you're listening it gives you the same feeling it gives me.


released September 3, 2013

all songs copyright T$E 2013

all songs written, recorded, mixed, & mastered
by Matt Kiefer at Creedmoor Studios-Pittsburgh.

Bass guitar on "Heavyweight Champ" & 2nd Vocals on "Sex in the 70's" & "Casablanca" courtesy of Andy Stambaugh of Crash City (check them out!)



all rights reserved


Tigers Eyes Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Heavyweight Champ
This thing between us is more than just good friends
We all know love is a risk but all I want is one night
She told me I look like drugs then she fucked me with her eyes

Give me my attention
if you let me I could break you off
I didn't bring protection
I roll the dice I life it raw
Just call me the Heavyweight Champ

I talk to God on the weekends
I said Im trying
He knows Im lying
I sip my potions
It takes me higher
I've been here for too long
I play the part, fall in love, break the rules and pay for my sins

Now im all anxious for what?
I brought the drugs with me
The higher we get, the harder we'll fall
It's a start...
I pull the strings from her dress
Now im all anxious for what?
Track Name: Sex in the 70's (tigers eyes)
They call me dirty American...
I admit that I like it
She says I tongue kiss the best
But I wouldn't die for her, no
Tigers eyes
I dont dress to impress
I dress to kill
She says Im nothing like them other suckers
But man I dont fall for these chicks

Im still waiting for my luck to run out
Of all the things Im thankful for my good looks are the least

She can ride around town with me for the meantime
The first shotgun she shows, I'll pull out
I raise my stakes and bet it all on me
Gamble on love and I bet you'll lose now

The coke was good in the 70's
I should have died in the 70's
She says I'll live forever inside her
Fuck, I left my knife at the crib
Tigers eyes
There's blood in my nose and all my money's spent
Speeding 90 down a one way
Tires peeling, I dont care what the cops say
She says she's all in for the dange
Guess that means Im fucking her raw

Im still waiting for my luck to run out
Of all the things Im thankful for my good looks are the least

She can ride around time with me for the evening
The first 9 mili I pull she'll blow now
I raise my stakes and bet it all on me
Gamble on love and I bet you'll lose out
Track Name: Rolex
I dont have the time
So go find out what you want
You know I been fucking around
But contrary to what you say
Im more than a liar
Im your biggest fan
and Im the fool you've been waiting for
I tasted your reflection
I die from assumptions
I play to your deceptions
My regrets are tattooed in stones
I dont mind Burning down this town until there's no trace of you
No one else can you know you like the way I did when I was dumb
I tasted yours and gave you mine
We said we loved, but love is always blind

& all the things we did were never meant to be nothing more than history books that we'll never read, just think about on holidays and drunken nights
Anniversaries come and go
You held on then I let you go
You tripped on me & I let you fall
You scraped your knee & I ripped you off

You are more than you think & I am less than I know I am
Lets talk over drinks, Can I just bum a smoke?
Track Name: Casablanca (April 4th)
Who were you talking to when you said I made you sick for the last time?
I wont die until I get my way because Im just not easy for you
My head is fucked up
My heart is selfish
My body controls me
Im addicted to lust
My mouth never closes & my eyes wont shut
My hands start shaking for someone else
My spirit is dying & you're stronger than I am
You're better than me